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What Can LSA’s Noise and Vibration Services Do for You?

LSA offers high-quality, comprehensive, and prompt noise and vibration services for CEQA and NEPA documents. LSA’s team of noise experts provide the comprehensive acoustical assessments needed to comply with local noise standards, Federal Highway and Railroad Administrations, HUD, and OSHA requirements.

Whether the project is the analysis of pool pump equipment noise at one single-family residence or noise impacts from a new freeway, LSA has the expertise necessary to provide excellent analyses, reporting, and monitoring.

In addition to providing typical required analyses, LSA provides the following specialty services:

  • Vibration Measurements and Monitoring – LSA utilizes state-of-the-art Larson Davis Equipment to analyze vibration impacts for near highly traveled corridors and sensitive receptors near heavy construction operations such as pile driving
  • Interior Acoustics Measurements – LSA conducts field measurements for finished residential and commercial buildings to confirm that design standards for IIC (Impact Isolation Class) and STC (Standard Transmission Class) ratings are met. Whether required as part of final design or as a supplemental marketing strategy to present a high-quality product to perspective residents, interior noise measurement analyses give our clients greater confidence in their products
  • OSHA Compliance Noise Monitoring – LSA provides a comprehensive program necessary to analyze existing and potential noise impacts in the workplace to insure that appropriate hearing protection is being or will be utilized and where necessary, audiometric monitoring is being performed.

Our Principal and Senior Level staff all have 10+ years experience in providing noise and vibration analysis in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington for local, state and federal agencies.

Amy Fischer
Jason Lui
Senior Noise Specialist
J.T. Stephens
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