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Water Quality

Water Quality

Water is a precious commodity. Let our comprehensive water quality services assess, mitigate, and monitor impacts on water resources from your land development and construction activities. We apply our thorough understanding of state and federal water quality standards to develop effective solutions to prevent contamination from sediment and other pollutants. Our Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) developers and practitioners (QSDs/QSPs) can develop site-specific storm water compliance and erosion control solutions, and our field biologists are trained and equipped to conduct both biological and water quality monitoring to minimize project costs and delays.

Ross Dobberteen
Principal/Wetlands Scientist
(510) 236-6810


  • Water Quality Assessment Reports for CEQA/NEPA Analyses
  • Summary of Floodplain Encroachment Reports
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), Sediment and Erosion Control Plans, and Water Pollution Control Plans for Construction Projects
  • SWPPP Developers/‌Practitioners (QSD/QSP)
  • Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC)
  • Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality (CPSWQ)
  • Certified Sediment and Storm Water Inspector (CESSWI)
  • Surface Water Sampling for Compliance with Section 401 Water Quality Certification Requirements
  • Site Inspections and Storm Water Sampling for NPDES Construction General Permit Compliance
  • Water Quality Monitoring Programs for Mitigation/Endangered Species Compliance
  • Vegetation Plans for Bioswales and Natural Treatment Systems


Newport Beach City Hall and Park Development Plan

LSA prepared technical studies and the EIR for development and operation of a new 98,000-square-foot City Hall building and a 14.3-acre park.

Bethel Island Bridge Replacement Project

LSA conducted water quality monitoring during construction of the Bethel Island Road replacement bridge over Dutch Slough in Contra Costa County.

Nova Group Restoration and Monitoring Plan SWPPP

LSA managed preparation and implementation of this Wetland/Riparian Restoration and Monitoring Plan for an open-space parcel.
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