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Geographic Information Systems


Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) practice provides comprehensive solutions to meet your specific needs. From applications and websites, to spatial analysis and GPS and drone services, to modeling and training, LSA delivers. Companywide, we have GIS professionals with a wide variety of GIS experience. We work with all types of GIS data, and our business partnership with ESRI gives us a first look at new products and services so that we are always on the forefront of GIS technology and project solutions. The tools we use include ArcServer (and Portal), ArcGIS Online (supporting Collector, Dashboard, and Explorer), ArcGIS Desktop, and a myriad of additional ESRI products. To round out our software expertise, LSA also utilizes drones to provide accurate, detailed imagery of your project site, which allows for a more comprehensive project understanding from your clients, constituents, and regulators. LSA’s combination of experience and technology not only puts us out in front of the competition, it means we can provide the specialized insights and solutions that your project demands.

Justin Roos
Associate/GIS Manager
(949) 553-0666

Greg Gallaugher
Associate/GIS Specialist
(510) 236-6810


  • GIS Project Management
  • GIS Design and Implementation
  • Drone Imagery Services
  • GIS Application Development for Web and Desktop
  • Creation of Project-Specific, Web-Based, Data Viewers Using JavaScript
  • Database Creation and Analysis
  • Quantitative Spatial and Statistical Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Spatial Modeling
  • GIS User Training
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Set-Up and Training
  • On-Call and In-House Technical Support
  • Workload Management and Scheduling
  • Quality Control
  • License Management and Purchasing
  • Hardware and Software Management


Terra-Gen Coachella Valley Wind Energy Repowering

Coachella Valley, CA

Transportation Corridor Agencies On-Call GIS Services

LSA has provided GIS training and consulting for the TCA on all aspects of ArcGIS.

State Route 91 Corridor Improvement Project

The State Route 91 (SR-91) Corridor Improvement Project (CIP) is a lane(s) addition project that spans approximately 12 miles along SR-91 and portions of I-15 within Orange and Riverside Counties.
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