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Environmental Analysis

Navigating the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is an important part of project development  in California. We offer a broad expertise in environmental analysis and can guide your project through all aspects of CEQA and NEPA compliance and  mitigation plans. Working across multiple technical disciplines, our environmental planners and specialists combine their knowledge of science and regulation with creative problem-solving skills to provide solutions that are innovative, practical, and efficient. This balanced approach enables LSA to provide thorough, credible, and objective analysis that meets all agency requirements without compromising your project objectives. We offer highly efficient and responsive support to both public and private sector clients.

Nicole Dubois
Principal/Environmental Planner
(949) 553-0666

Theresa Wallace
(510) 236-6810


  • CEQA/NEPA Review
  • Environmental Impact Reports/Environmental Impact Statements (EIRs/EISs)
  • Negative Declarations/Mitigated Negative Declarations (NDs/MNDs)
  • Initial Studies and Environmental Assessments
  • Mitigated Negative Declarations/Finding of No Significant Impacts
  • Categorical Exemptions/Categorical Exclusions
  • Development of Environmental Thresholds
  • Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs
  • Scoping Meetings and Public Outreach Programs
  • Environmental Documentation for both Public and Private Sector Clients
  • Due Diligence
  • Opportunities and Constraints Analysis
  • CEQA-Plus for State Water Resources Control Board State Revolving Fund Program


Diablo Canyon Power Plant’s Point Buchon Trail

LSA helped our client, Canon Station LLC, design the One Lake Project to avoid and minimize impacts to vernal pool wetlands and listed species while maintaining an economically viable and highly marketable project plan.

Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport

Sonoma County, CA

Mid County Parkway

LSA is leading the environmental team preparing the Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS)

Kudos to Judy and the gang for doing all the heavy lifting on the Planning Commission packet and the Final EIR and putting up with umpteenth reviews. Thank you for your competence, cheerfulness and graciousness in dealing with all the reviewers and our endless demands.
– Aarti Shrivastava, City of Cupertino (regarding the Apple Campus 2 EIR)

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