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Bass Lake Regional Park

Bass Lake Regional Park | El Dorado Hills, CA

The El Dorado Hills Community Services District (CSD) proposed the development of an approximately 200-acre regional park to expand the recreational opportunities offered in El Dorado Hills. The proposed park would provide active recreational opportunities (e.g., lighted ballfields, a dog park, volleyball courts, a tot lot, bocce courts) and ancillary facilities (e.g., restrooms, shade and a barbecue area, a maintenance yard, and parking) on the west side of the project site. The area surrounding Bass Lake (more centrally located within the site) would provide more passive uses, such as multi-use trails and a fishing dock and boat ramp, while the east side of the project area would house a 2,500-square-foot museum and educational facility and an outdoor amphitheater with an access road and parking.

The project site was rich with natural and historic resources and the project design was in the early stages of development when the CSD brought LSA on board. LSA conducted the cultural resources and biological resources survey work and provided the designer with GIS shapefiles to inform the CSD of sensitive resources that the design should avoid.

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The CSD selected LSA as the consultant for this project due to the vast array of professional services we offer. We were able to provide the client with all the services it needed in house. Our Roseville, Point Richmond, Fresno, Riverside, and Irvine offices all collaborated on various services for this project. The services LSA provided for this project included drone flight services to prepare a high-resolution topographic survey map; traffic analysis services in support of the project-specific traffic impact analysis; quantified air quality/greenhouse gas analysis; biological resources evaluation, including a tree inventory conducted by an International Society of Arboriculture-certified Arborist; cultural resources evaluation, including facilitating Assembly Bill 52 tribal consultation, and CEQA documentation preparation.


El Dorado Hills Community Services District

Environmental Planning, Biological Resources, Arborist Services, Drone Services, Topographic Survey Maps, Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Analysis, Cultural Resources, Traffic Analysis


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