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Award-Winning Environmental Analysis for Apple's Cupertino Campus

Apple Campus 2 EIR | Cupertino, CA

Apple, a multi-national company that designs and markets consumer electronics and personal computers, proposed a new campus in Cupertino that would provide space for office, research and development activities. The new Apple Campus 2 would contain 3.4 million square feet of space, and accommodate up to 14,200 employees. The campus would also include numerous green features, including on-site renewable energy generation, rainwater capture, and the use of high efficiency heating and cooling systems. LSA prepared a comprehensive EIR for the project that covers a broad range of topics, ranging from the relocation of a historic barn to the community effects associated with vacation of a public street that transects the site.

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As part of the analysis, LSA evaluated the effects of the project on transportation and land use patterns and reviewed the project’s sustainability initiatives in the context of established greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. LSA also prepared a number of Addendums to the Final EIR to address minor modifications to the Apple Campus 2 Project components (e.g., the auditorium, the fitness center, the parking garage, the central plant and Phase 2 office, research and development buildings) as the designs progressed and were finalized and approved by the City.

City of Cupertino


Project Leaders
Judith Malamut, Amy Fischer, Andrew Pulcheon, Dan Sidle

2014 Association of Environmental Professionals Merit Award for Environmental Analysis Document


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