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Installing Hundreds of Miles of Fiber-Optic Line from Barstow to Reno

Digital 395 Project | Barstow to Reno, CA/NV

LSA prepared a Paleontological Resources Monitoring and Mitigation Plan (PRMMP) for the Digital 395 Project, which involved the installation of over 590 miles of fiber-optic line along United States (U.S.) Highway 395 (US-395) on the east side of the Sierra Nevada. Running from Barstow, California, to Reno, Nevada, the project route passed through lands managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior; the U.S. Department of Agriculture; the U.S. Department of Defense; multiple Counties and Cities in the States of California and Nevada; and the lands of several Native American tribes. As such, this project was subject to multiple federal, State, and local regulations and policies regarding paleontological resources.


Paleontological Resources Mitigation and Monitoring Plan


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