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Over 100 Fossils Discovered at Southern California Landfill

Frank R. Bowerman Landfill | Orange County, CA

LSA has provided paleontological mitigation monitoring and reporting for projects at the Frank R. Bowerman Landfill for nearly 20 years. Most recently, LSA prepared the Final Mitigation Monitoring Report for the Simplus Management Corporation CM Services at Central Region Landfills Project, which included three phases in different areas of the landfill and involved substantial excavation in multiple geologic units. From this project alone, LSA collected over 100 fossil specimens from 64 localities, and the recovery of these specimens was completed without delay to the project schedule. These specimens were collected from Cretaceous to Miocene deposits and include plants, worms, bivalves, gastropods, barnacles, crabs, echinoderms, bony fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, sea cows, and artiodactyls. The Final Mitigation Monitoring Report for this project describes the fossils recovered, discusses their scientific importance, and documents project compliance with the applicable State and County requirements for paleontological resources.


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