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As-Needed Sustainability Engineering Services

Metro Sustainability Engineering Services| Los Angeles County, CA

LSA is the primary consultant leading 10 subconsultants to provide sustainability engineering services to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, commonly referred to as Metro. LSA is working closely and collaboratively with Metro Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Department staff to realize sustainability program objectives (e.g., identifying climate change vulnerability and incorporating design resiliency into the transit line and transit stops that serve transit-dependent populations within Los Angeles County).

Sustainability, GHG reduction, climate change adaptation, and resiliency need to be a normal part of doing business with Metro. These ideals extend to the contractors that provide services to Metro, the ridership, and the general public. LSA manages the consultant team to provide training, conferences, and other opportunities to educate Metro staff within various departments, vendors and contractors who provide services to Metro, and the general public on the need for sustainability as well as on the requirements of sustainable and resiliency design criteria that Metro now imposes on vendors and contractors. By developing software tools and integrating anticipated repair and maintenance costs resulting from climate change adaptation into Metro’s Asset Management System, LSA helps make sustainability a normal part of doing business with Metro.


Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Project Management; Sustainability Engineering; Climate Change


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