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Maintaining Normal Goods Movement during Construction at the Port

Port of Long Beach On-Call GIS Services | Long Beach, CA

The Port of Long Beach (the Port) is estimating that in the next 8 to 10 years, it will have invested more than $4.5 billion in Port improvements and will have created more than 5,000 construction jobs as a result of the improvements. With this construction, normal goods movement through the Port must be maintained. LSA was hired by the Port of Long Beach to document and identify road closures or restrictions to help reroute truck traffic as to not impede delivery. More than 80 different projects have been identified, including the replacement of the Gerald Desmond Bridge, which currently sees 15 percent of all imported goods movement in the Nation, each with their own schedules and closures. LSA used a variety of hard copy maps and web maps to help the Port identify potential choke points and assist with rerouting or rescheduling of project tasks.

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In using ArcMap with ArcServer, LSA was able to update both hard copy maps and web maps within hours of changes in project status or schedule. Specifically there were several Python scripts that were written to automate the map publication and the server updates. The products have been valuable for the Port in helping understand all of the various projects occurring and often overlapping. The use of web maps increases the product time as well as allows the product to become portable, so that any smart phone/pad device is able to access the information.

Port of Long Beach

Automated Mapping and Routing Development; Website Design and Development; On-Demand GIS Support

Project Leaders
Tom Flahive, Zac Henderson


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