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Noise Reduction Screening

Santa Clara VTA Noise Reduction Screening | Santa Clara County, CA

LSA completed the technical noise analysis for the VTA Noise Reduction Screening Program, a noise abatement retrofit program for areas with registered noise complaints that meet the qualifications for consideration of abatement through the program. LSA performed noise measurements at locations representative of noise-sensitive uses that are exposed to the highest noise levels generated by the surrounding roadways. The field observations, concurrent traffic counts, and traffic noise level measurements were used to calibrate the accuracy of the traffic noise model. TNM 2.5, the FHWA-approved highway noise prediction computer model, was used for traffic noise computations at representative receiver locations. For all modeled receivers that were shown to approach or exceed the noise abatement criteria, retrofit noise barrier abatement measures that would achieve a minimum 5 dBA reduction were analyzed.

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority



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