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Construction of a 300-Megawatt Solar Station

Stateline Solar Farm | CA/NV

First Solar, Inc. plans to construct a 300-megawatt AC photovoltaic electrical generating station near the California/Nevada border, approximately 1.5 miles southwest of Primm, Nevada. LSA has assisted First Solar with a variety of services, including site selection and configuration, alternative analysis and general entitlement assistance. LSA prepared the revised BLM Plan of Development, which serves as the environmental documentation’s project description. The site is approximately 2,500 acres, with a study area of nearly 5,500 acres. Once operational, the generating station will connect to the Eldorado-Ivanpah Transmission Project (EITP), which is adjacent to the project site. LSA prepared several environmental technical reports that will be integrated into the Environmental Impact Report/‌Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS), a joint document.

LSA also supported the construction effort by supplying an on-site Compliance Lead that helped direct the development and implementation of the preconstruction environmental planning, permitting, and compliance activities; the environmental inspection program; and environmental training. LSA’s Compliance Lead acted as the designated official responsible for high-level coordination and dispute resolution with respect to mitigation compliance and authorized terms and conditions of the ROW.


First Solar, Inc.

Environmental Document; Technical Studies

Project Leader
Frank Haselton


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