Transportation / Mobility

Transportation Mobility

Well-designed, multimodal transportation systems can have a profound impact on our communities. These systems enable the safe, convenient movement of people and goods between homes, jobs, shopping, and recreation. As such, these transportation systems are essential to maintaining our quality of life, ensuring environmental compatibility, and fueling future growth and economic development. Our LSA staff understands the complex relationship between land use, urban design, transportation facilities, and the environment – and uses that understanding to design efficient, sustainable mobile communities.

Anthony Petros
Principal/Transportation Planner
(949) 553-0666

Ambarish Mukherjee
Associate/Transportation Engineer
(951) 781-9310


  • Traffic Impact Studies for Land Development and Capital Projects
  • Parking Demand and Utilization
  • Transportation Corridor Studies
  • Regional and Community Sustainable Transportation Plans
  • Multimodal Transportation Master Plans
  • Transit, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Plans
  • Travel Demand Model Development, Forecasting, and Applications
  • Micro Simulation/Operations Simulation Modeling
  • Context Sensitive Complete Street Design
  • Master Site Planning and Access Design
  • Roadway and Intersection Design, including Modern Roundabouts
  • Transportation Infrastructure Fee Programs


Otay Border Crossing Facility

Otay Border Crossing Facility

The project will include the development of a passenger terminal within the United States (U.S.) that will connect directly to the Tijuana International Airport in Mexico via pedestrian bridge.
Orange County Sustainable Communities Strategy

Orange County Sustainable Communities Strategy

LSA provided project management assistance to Orange County Transportation Authority and the Orange County Council of Governments and led the team preparing the Orange County Sustainable Communities Strategies.
Harmony Specific Plan

Harmony Specific Plan

LSA is working on the Harmony Specific Plan for the mixed-use development of approximately 1,650 acres in the City of Highland.

In working with LSA over the course of the past 25 years, I have found your firm’s work to always be of the highest professional standards whether serving public or private clients. If the opportunity presents itself in the future, it would me my pleasure to serve as a professional reference.
– Steven Harris, City of Yorba Linda

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL on a HUGE STEP forward for our project!! It is amazing to me to think about where we started, with only a vague sense of what would be involved in obtaining a Presidential Permit. Together as a team, we not only learned what would be required, but also pulled together the necessary information, justified the project, and created an application package so complete that only minor questions were raised by governmental agencies. And with that work, we accomplished something that outsiders thought would take much, much longer. It would not have been possible without the efforts made on both coasts, along with our environmental and traffic engineers. A big thank you to each of you.
– Mark Rowson, Land Development Strategies, Inc. (regarding the Otay Border Crossing Facility Project)