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Following the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan

As spring turns to summer, the big race is on in the Washington, D.C. infrastructure relay to determine which side of a trillion dollars will come across the finish line to invigorate the nation’s economy. At stake is funding for a broad spectrum of projects and system improvements. From now until early September, the final jockeying for priorities will dominate the negotiations. Hurdles abound. From the stands, LSA is closely tracking the ever-evolving developments.

We can see that any infrastructure plan that is enacted will likely fund a wide variety of projects from small to large, incorporating a range of traditional concepts as well as innovative perspectives that combine to propel us toward the path to the future. Competing priorities will be considered through an equity prism, with triple-jump velocity creating potential for an entirely new perspective on project goals. LSA’s extensive experience guiding large and controversial transportation and energy projects through the CEQA and NEPA development processes uniquely positions us to assist with this emerging era of American infrastructure. Having a trusted teaming partner with 45 years of experience and the flexibility to sprint, marathon, or swim is more important than ever.

Team LSA, with its nine regional offices, is prepared to join you in the starting blocks where we can make history together with the unprecedented opportunities before us. We are ready to drive forward out of the blocks with you to advance a sustainable, mobile, climate-conscious future for all of our California communities.

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