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How Can LSA Assist You with Air Quality Issues?

LSA’s Air Quality/Climate Change Services include:

Air Quality

  • Air Quality Analysis for CEQA and NEPA Projects
  • Atmospheric Dispersion and Emission Analysis Modeling
  • Clean Air Act Conformity Analysis (General and Transportation)
  • Air Quality Permitting and Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Environmental Auditing for Air Quality Compliance
  • Air Toxics Health Risk Assessments
  • Air Quality Mitigation and Monitoring Programs
  • General Plan Air Quality Element
  • Air Pollutant Monitoring Programs

Climate Change 

  • Greenhouse Gas Analysis for CEQA Projects
  • Climate Action Plans
  • California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) Compliance
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories
  • Climate Change Impact Analysis on Infrastructure, Ecosystems, and Communities
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies
  • Carbon Sequestration and Offset Market (cap-and-trade) Evaluations
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