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Providing Environmental Services for Additional Facilities at the Port

Pier 1 North Drydock | San Diego, CA

LSA prepared an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to analyze proposed improvements to BAE Systems’ San Diego Ship Repair Facility. These improvements included the replacement of an existing wet berth with a new drydock on the north side of BAE Systems’ Pier 1 facility; an amendment to the existing real estate agreement with the San Diego Unified Port District (Port) to extend the existing lease term; and the demolition and removal of two existing intake/discharge cooling tunnels underlying a portion of the project site. LSA established a proactive communication protocol with the project Applicant and the Port to maintain an aggressive schedule. The communication protocol was instrumental to achieving efficient progress through the life of the project and was executed to the satisfaction of the Port as well as the project Applicant. LSA was tasked with preparation of a variety of technical studies in support of the environmental document prepared for the proposed project. Specific technical studies prepared by LSA include a traffic impact analysis, an air quality and global climate change impact analysis, health risk assessment, and a noise impact analysis.


Unified Port of San Diego

Environmental document; technical studies




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