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Upgrading Marine Features at the Shipyard Repair Facility

Pier 4 Replacement Project | San Diego, CA

LSA was retained to prepare the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the replacement of an existing pier at the BAE Systems San Diego shipyard repair facility, located along the eastern shoreline of central San Diego Bay. The proposed project involved demolition of the existing Pier 4 and Pier 5 structures at the BAE Systems facility, removal of five drydock mooring dolphins, removal of existing shoreline revetments, relocation of shoreline infrastructure (e.g., existing waterfront storm water collection tanks), underwater dredging, construction of a replacement pier and mooring dolphin, and construction of three new bulkhead sections.

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The project would remove approximately 21,483 square feet of marine structures (piers and dolphins) and would result in approximately 26,624 square feet of new marine features. The project EIR included air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, marine biological resources, hazardous materials, water quality, traffic, and noise analyses. The lead agency for the project was the Unified Port of San Diego.


BAE Systems

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