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Following the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan – Part 2

It’s not the gold anymore, it’s the innovation. 
LSA has been there for 45 years with our clients to embrace and sustain the future

Once California was pursued for its gold, now, in our state we pursue innovation. Think leadership. Think equity. Think holistically. The alignment of values are linked to integrating disciplines to forge a future that takes on climate impacts, GHG emissions, multi-modal mobility, economic development, land use planning, conserving habitat and culture. The partial breakout of the $263 billion California State Budget for 2021-22 approved June 28, 2021 indicates priorities.

  • Transportation $27 Billion
  • Natural Resources  $9.7 Billion
  • Environmental Protection $8.7 Billion
  • Climate Change Multi Year Investment $15 Billion

For 45 years LSA’s environmental professionals adapted to serve our clients in the public and private sectors who believed and invested in supporting the California Dream. We are still there for you as the contour of a sustainable, vibrant, equitable future emerges. When the federal infrastructure investment comes forward, innovation will be fortified. LSA is ready to join your team.

Team LSA, with its nine regional offices, is prepared to join you in the starting blocks where we can make history together with the unprecedented opportunities before us. We are ready to drive forward out of the blocks with you to advance a sustainable, mobile, climate-conscious future for all of our California communities.

  • Carlsbad – San Diego County
  • Clovis – San Joaquin Valley
  • Irvine – Orange County
  • Los Angeles – Los Angeles County
  • Palm Springs – Coachella Valley
  • Point Richmond – Bay Area
  • Riverside – Inland Empire
  • Roseville – Sacramento Area
  • San Luis Obispo – Central Coast


Ambarish Mukherjee, AICP, PE
Principal Transportation
Southern California

Pam Reading
Principal Environmental Planning
Central California

Amanda Durgen
Associate Environmental Planner
Sacramento Area

Dr. Steve Kohlmann
Associate Habitat/Carbon Sequestration Expert
Bay Area

Deborah Pracilio
Principal Environmental Planning
LA and Orange Counties

Adrianne Beazley
Associate Environmental Planner
San Diego County

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