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Master Plan EIR for Children's Hospital

Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland Campus Master Plan EIR | Oakland, CA

Founded in 1912, Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland (CHRCO) is the only independent children’s hospital in Northern California. Due to its location between a freeway, elevated Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) tracks, and a dense residential neighborhood, plans to retrofit, renovate, expand, and improve the campus entail a complex process from design to environmental review to construction. To create new seismically compliant acute care facilities that meet the seismic safety requirements of Senate Bill 1953, the proposed project would demolish a total of 66,582 square feet of existing uses on campus and construct a total of 399,200 square feet of new building area, for a total of 332,618 square feet of net new building area. The project would be constructed in two phases.

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As part of Phase 1, approximately 1,541 square feet of use would be demolished, 90,200 square feet would be constructed, and 95,550 square feet would be renovated. As part of Phase 2, approximately 65,041 square feet of use would be demolished, 309,000 square feet would be constructed, and 42,342 square feet would be renovated. Phase 2 would include the relocation of the existing helistop. Redevelopment on both project sites would include alterations to historic structures. LSA worked with the CHRCO team and the City of Oakland Bureau of Planning staff to prepare a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that clearly delineates the setting, impacts, and mitigation measures for implementation of Phase 1 and project build out. Topics that received full analysis in the EIR included: land use and planning, aesthetics and shadow, cultural and historic resources, transportation and circulation, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, noise, geology, seismicity and soils, hydrology and water quality, hazards and hazardous materials, and utilities.


Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland

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