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Providing Opportunity for Residents to Interact, Socialize, and Learn

Emeryville Center of Community Life
Emeryville Center of Community Life
Emeryville Center of Community Life

Emeryville Center of Community Life | Emeryville, CA

The Emeryville Center of Community Life (ECCL) is planned to be a multi-use city-school campus and community center offering K-12 education, life-long learning, recreation, health and social services for all Emeryville residents. Once completed, the Center will also include courtyards, plazas, playgrounds, and a multi-use sports field, making it a vibrant hub of community life. Many years in the planning, the joint District/City project broke ground in early 2014. The project is associated with Measure J, a ballot initiative to fund school improvements within the District, such as replacing aging schools and providing facilities for youth after-school recreation and learning programs. LSA worked with the District, City, and design team to prepare the CEQA documentation for the project

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The Mitigated Negative Declaration included a detailed project description and CEQA checklist that briefly addressed 17 subject areas. Technical studies provided more information on air quality, cultural resources, greenhouse gas emissions, noise, and traffic. During construction LSA continued to assist the District with the implementation of mitigation measures for cultural and biological resources. LSA provided the District with archaeological monitoring services in the event that subsurface archaeological deposits could be identified during ECCL construction; preconstruction bird nesting surveys; and periodic inspections of the ECCL project site to monitor tree conditions and the integrity of protective fencing.


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