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Environmental Analysis for New Mixed Use Project

1601 Mariposa Street Mixed-Use Project EIR | San Francisco, CA

LSA prepared a Community Plan Exemption Checklist and Focused Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the 1601 Mariposa Street Mixed-Use Project in the Showplace Square/Potrero plan area of San Francisco. The proposed project includes the demolition of existing commercial and warehouse buildings and the construction of 320 residential units, 10,000 square feet of commercial space, and associated parking and open space. The site is surrounded by residential, commercial, industrial, school, and park uses. The EIR focused on hazards and hazardous materials, shadow, recreation, and transportation and circulation, and also analyzed alternatives to the proposed project.

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Redevelopment of the project site was included in the Eastern Neighborhood Rezoning and Area Plans Final EIR. Environmental impacts that were addressed in the Community Plan Exemption Checklist are those that were consistent with or less than those identified in the Eastern Neighborhoods Final EIR, including: land use and land use planning, aesthetics, population and housing, cultural and paleontological resources, noise, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, wind, utilities and service systems, public services, biological resources, geology and soils, hydrology and water quality, mineral and energy resources, and agricultural and forest resources.


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